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An effective management of air transport capacity has always been considered a crucial aspect for developing tourism operations. For this reason the Trawel Group has decided to use itself of this tool and take advantage of:
• Outstanding market opportunities for the segment incoming charter, where the Italian vectors have historically achieved limited market shares, although and in which exist important good opportunities for market growth related to development of c.d Reverse Charter exist in the south Italy..
• The opportunity to develop the evolving model of pure charter, thanks to the distribution channels of the group overcoming those charter operators remained fixed to a more rigid model of product distribution oriented to the single market segment of tour operators and to hard block modes of accessing the product.

After years of starting up involving structured brokerage, in the spring 2009 Trawel group has implemented, with the, the Virtual Airline as Trawel Flys brand: It considers that a specialized operator (ACMI provider) is responsible for the operations (flight + maintenance) while the Trawel is in charge of the network planning, distribution channels and the entrepreneurial risk for the operating activities.

The model provides high flexible as the provider covers the fixed costs of structure), significant cost savings for a given fleet size (4/5 aircrafts) regarding the option to develop in house their own COA (diseconomies of scale due to size would be much more than the profit margins usually derived from acmi providers).